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The top ten tax shirkers – vote now

George Osborne's jammy dodger

Voting has closed – thanks for taking part. Here's what happened when we sent a giant jammy dodger to the lucky winner, George Osborne.

The government talks tough about clamping down on benefit ‘cheats’. Yet when faced with tax avoidance by the very wealthy, which sucks far more out of our economy than benefit fraud, ministers go quiet.

To help throw some light on this murky world, the Tax Justice Network has nominated its top ten tax shirkers and we’d like you to choose the worst offender. The winner will receive a small token of our esteem.

We're not suggesting anyone is breaking the law. But that's the problem: we need action to make sure those involved in the multi-billion pound tax avoidance industry, who act legally but use loopholes and tax havens to pay less tax, are stopped in their tracks.


Voting has now closed. Thanks to everyone who took part.

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