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Day of Action: 30 November

N30 Sheffield Uncut Action S1

Location: UK » North East » S

When: Wednesday 30 November 2011, 11:00am


Where: Sheffield City Hall steps, Sheffield S1

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Welcome to the Sheffield Uncut 2011 Austerity Olympics…

(Open displays of protest allowed)

We will meet on the steps of the city hall at 11.00

We’re going to have a sponge chucking contest where members of the public, including union members, can form teams who will take aim at Nick Clegg, David Cameron, Andrew Lansley and Thatcher (aka ‘The Thatch’). The prize for winning will be a FREE school…

We want a tug -o -war between the people and ‘the cabinet’ too. The prize for winning this will be the same FREE school now under special measures..

We will then go on to join the N30 demonstration and march at around 12pm before inviting you all to join us at Plug, 14-16 Matilda St to relax after a historic day at ‘Pull The Plug on The Cuts’...

On November 30th millions of Public sector workers are set to strike in response to proposed changes to public sector pensions.

These changes are just a small part of the austerity measures being opposed upon us by this government.

We are seeing public services being cut and privatised with the most vulnerable in society being hit the hardest.

Sheffield Uncut stand in solidarity with these workers. We are the 99%
We are told there is no alternative to the cuts. This is a lie.

Tax Dodging by corporations costs the taxpayer in excess of £95 billion a year. Taxpayer subsidies to the banks cost us more than £100 billion a year. Whilst the richest 1% continue to make huge profits and receive bonuses at the expense of the rest of us.

Join us-let’s make this a big one. There is an alternative. We are the 99%

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