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SaveOurNHS Picket the Department of Health SW1A

Location: UK » London » SW

When: Saturday 17 March 2012, 2:30pm


Where: Department of Health, opposite the cenotaph (SW1A 2NS) , London SW1A 2NS

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Our NHS should put patients before profit.  The new Bill will undermine this core principle of our National Health Service.

We must stop this bill from passing and protect our free health care.

We are not against change but we are against this one.  There is no mandate for this bill, which is why they seem set to rush it through disregarding opposition of all main clinical bodies and refuse to publish a risk register.

We are calling for people to come out and stand up against this bill – to show the government that we will not allow them to privatize this great national service.

Join us outside the department of health in Whitehall on March the 17th and flood the streets with the sheer amount of people who care about free healthcare. The Government intend to vote the bill through on the 19th – let’s give them something to think about as they vote!

Everybody in this country has used the NHS at some point in their lives. If you have used the NHS then you agree with free healthcare.

Pass this facebook event along to everyone you know. Tell everybody you know what is happening to our NHS and that we can stop it. Let’s make this event HUGE.


Book coaches down to London from wherever you are located. Bring friends, family, any political or social group you are part of. From writing letters to MPs, signing petitions, to civil disobedience – we must do everything we can to stop the bill!

Why the NHS must be saved:
- A report last year found the NHS to be the second most cost-effective health system in the developed world.
- The NHS reached record satisfaction ratings in 2010

In short the bill will result in fewer services, more charges and exclusions. Also the government are refusing to publish their register of the risks the bill poses – this by itself is a warning of the dangers this bill could bring! For a good summary of the bill in its current form see here: http://www.allysonpollock.co.uk/administrator/components/com_article/attach/2012-03-09/Pollock_HouseOfLords_HSCB_StatementLibDem40Pts_09Mar12.pdf

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