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March To Downing Street: One Hope, One Voice, One Bedroom Tax To Abolish 

When: Saturday 13 July 2013, 1:00pm


Where: ,

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We Call To Abolish The Bedroom Tax.

The Event:


1pm Meeting: Parliament Square

1:30pm Opening Speeches

2pm – 2:15pm Taking positions/handing out Posters by Proxy to march and set off

2:30pm Arrive at Downing Street for delivery and a two minute silence in remembrance for all those who have lost their lives

3pm March to Trafalgar Square for final speeches

4pm Lay flowers in remembrance in Trafalgar Square

5pm Release messages of hope across the UK. At the start of the day, you will be given a chance to fill in a tag, these will be attached to white helium balloons and released at the end of the event. We have chosen white as it is the colour of hope and remembrance


This march is a very poignant one and is being raised in the shadow of darkness.

Families are being left destitute and literally separated and segregated by The Bedroom Tax and, if allowed to continue, this will only cause more damage to our families and the fabric of our society.

The Bedroom Tax has 660,000 sufferers across the UK, all panic stricken and most are falling behind on their rent; 440,000 of these are disabled members of OUR society. Many of these feel they are separated from society because of this new legislation and the divisions that are being raised within our communities, which HAVE to be broken down.

‘We are called The United Kingdom for a very good reason. This has to be remembered and the time is now.’

We have a responsibility as humans to take care of our Brothers and Sisters, to make sure they are safe and that they are not being persecuted. We are witnessing people losing control of their lives through no fault of their own.

These families are already suffering because of the countless other welfare changes they have had to endure, and will continuing to face (for many years to come) and the deduction known as “The Bedroom Tax” is taking the last tiny piece of stability away from families just as they need it the most.

Everyday across our country people are being sucked further down into the depression, feeling further separated and alone because of poor media reports. We as a nation have to rectify this; showing these families they do have the support and kinship of their fellow citizens.

We have to show the Coalition that even though the Personal Petition does not have hundreds of thousands of letters, it will be delivered by hundreds of thousands of hands. Each pair of hands will represent one of these families, and will pledge to support their not being evicted by standing up for what is morally right.

That is why we are inviting every FB group, organisation, council, charity, Housing Association and tenant to come to London. Together we will march to Downing Street and deliver a solid and urgent message:

This march is not about hate or anger.

It is about showing families we are here for them before we lose any more lives.

And to show our support for the families of the UK who have been hit by this.


This event is one of Hope.
One of Positivity.
A calling to the Nation to stand as one.
United in support of the UK families who are suffering.

We need you to come to London if you can find a way. Please attend and stand with one of the groups you belong to or support. On the day you will not be alone even if you have travelled alone, and once here, you will be surrounded by friends.

This is our chance to deliver a message which represents all sections of society affected by the bedroom tax and show how much support these families have, by how far we will go for them through travelling across the country on the 13th July 2013.

The Personal Petition Campaign has been running since November 2012 and has been collecting letters to the Prime Minister from sufferers within The Bedroom Tax. These are Carers, Shared Parents, Grandparents, The Disabled and many more - all the sections in society that this vile legislation entraps.

Hence it being imperative, when we deliver this petition, to show the families have support by all being unified and present in London on the day . This will be a march to unite as many as possible for a positive display.

So the question is this:

Will you be there?

With us?

To witness and march behind our Petition delivery to Downing Street?

Uniting, in the name of the families who need our support?

And need it NOW?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * THOSE WHO CANNOT ATTEND:

We understand many cannot travel due to health and other reasons.

To this end we are organising a ‘Poster by Proxy’ campaign. If you would like a banner made for you on the day please email your name below (online name, RL Christian name or name you associate and recognise when watching the march live online) and please include the Group you support. We will then hand out all Posters by Proxy to marchers at the beginning of the day to be held on your behalf.

If you could also help spread the word either/both on and off-line that would be amazing, and if you would like to become an ambassador for the event please contact the event organiser Jessica McCarnun on:


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